Bohemian Chic

július 26, 2013

Ez most egy kicsit más, mint amit eddig tőlem megszokhattatok, de nekem nagyon tetszik, különösen nyáron. Nem a szokásos, hétköznapi viselet, hanem egy kicsit megfűszerezett, colorblock-os. Számomra ez a stílus a szuper kényelmes darabokat, sok, vidám színt és a feltűnő kiegészítőket jelenti.

This is a bit different from the style you used to see from me, but I really like it, especially in summer. Not wearing the casual, ordinary clothes everyday, giving it a little spicy, colorblocking look. For me this style means super comfy pieces, a lot of cheerful colors and big, conspicuous accessoires.

Colorful and cool printed denim vest with super comfy maxi, tank dress and add to it conspicuous, colorful accessoires.

 A cute sweater with a colorful maxiskirt and heels.

 Some would say, it has too many patterns, but the nude accessoires lighten it a bit and if you button up the shirt and only a little part can be seen from the top, it doesn't feel too much.

 Light colors and not too much pattern, it's really easy-going.

Floral and animal print could be risky, but because of the colors, they look great together.

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